Climb the Pole: Five Stars That Started a Career in a Striptease

A pole for striptease is the best way to the stage. At least in the USA. February 9, on the birthday of a striptease, “iStripper” remembered 10 stars of the music scene and Hollywood, who began their career with a pole in a strip bar.

Courtney Love

Actress and singer Courtney Love (real name Courtney Michelle Harrison) is constantly shocking the public, causing extraordinary and scandalous acts of discontent among prim Americans and active fighters for morality. However, Courtney began to live with a challenge even before she became a star of the rock scene. Courtney’s inconsistency with blood standards – her mother was the illegitimate daughter of Marlon Brando, and her father was deprived of parental rights – he allegedly fed the future LSD rock star.

While Courtney was a teenager and she couldn’t make money on entertainment with music, she was looking for other means of prosperity, which were not entirely legal, – before reaching adulthood, she steals a t-shirt from the store and falls under the supervision of law enforcement agencies for several years (translated into Russian realities – registered with the police). In order not to go to jail and have money, Courtney goes to work as a stripper. One rich man, after another performance, offers her to work as a dancer in Japan – for $ 2500 per week. A lot of money. And Courtney agrees. But when Courtney arrives on the island of Honshu, he understands where he’s got: the dancers are sleeping on the floor for lunch and dinner – rice is not the first freshness; In addition, Courtney is asked to provide intimate services to older Japanese. She does not withstand the pressure and gives up a career in striptease, moves to the United States and completely devotes herself to music.

Lady Gaga

In 2012, a scandal spread around the yellow press – Lady Gaga stripped a stripper in an elite Moscow strip club. Photos flew around all the large tabloids, causing condemnation of spiteful critics. However, it turned out that the pop diva was not just having fun at the restaurant – Gaga used to work as a half-naked dancer herself and simply decided to look at her colleagues in the Russian capital.

In an interview with a major foreign publication, Gaga once said that in her youth she wanted to be like her idols: Andy Warhol and Mick Jager. As a result, her life was filled with endless boozes, parties, powder tracks and fast money – the future singer danced on stage in latex, agreeing to get an impressive cache to undress in front of rich clients. The pursuit of money led to the fact that in one of the strip bars in Chicago, she undressed almost naked. For which it thundered to the police station. Gaga considers this case to be a turning point in his life – after it, she breaks up with drugs to begin her career as a singer

Javier Bardem

Among the conservative public there is a stereotype that only a woman should dance striptease porn. But why cannot a man do this if there is talent and data for this? Oscar-winning actor “The Old Men Can’t Be Here”, “007: Coordinate Skyfall” Javier Bardem also admitted that he worked as a stripper in his youth. However, even then he combined work with a pole with acting: he ran onto the stage in a Superman costume in the television show “All Day Ahead.”

Eve Jihan Jeffers strip

Eve Jihan Jeffers striptease

Eve Jihan Jeffers , known by the pseudonym “Eve”, went the classic way of a dark-skinned girl from a poor family: she barely graduated from high school, ran away from school to play music, and when her mother married again, she left the family and went to seek happiness in New York

Eve settled in one of the poor neighborhoods of Bronsk. There, not far from home, she was offered a job – performers of erotic dances for the local discerning public. This could go on indefinitely, until Eve met Mason Darrell (rapper Mase) in a lucrative institution. He appreciated her vocal abilities and offered a career as a singer.

Later, Yves photos in the role of a stripper hit the press and the Internet. But Eve did not make of this tragedy. She openly declared to all her fans and envious people: “Yes, I was a stripper. But she has achieved a lot since then. ”


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